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This part of our website is intended to give fuller information on all aspects of our business. We will be adding our advice on using and playing pianos, some history, observations and details about relevant events. All will be written by us and are intended as useful resource material. Pertinent journal features will also be included. Comments are most welcome. Pictured (on the telephone) is the Peregrine's Pianos Team - Dawn Elizabeth Howells, William Wright and Daniel Cummings.

Peregrine's Pianos - Dawn, William and Daniel

Articles and Information currently available:

"Perfect Pitch at Peregrine's Pianos" (21st January 2020).
Our administrator, Daniel Cummings, shares some thoughts on his interactions with musicians coming and going through the music rooms and in the process illustrates something of the diversity of our client-base.

"Speaking Volumes" (1st October 2019).
Claire Jackson, with the assistance of professional pianist Alberto Reyes, surveyed at Peregrine's Pianos the complete Schimmel range, from entry-level uprights to professional concert grands for International Piano Magazine.

"Keeping it Real" (3rd May 2019).
Article in International Piano Magazine written by Dawn Elizabeth Howells; discussing the uses of the digital keyboard but why a pianist still needs a piano.

"Have you considered Piano Rental?"  (24th October 2017).
The aspect of piano rental is often overlooked. Peregrine's Pianos proprietor, Dawn Elizabeth Howells, explained the benefits to members of the European Piano Teachers Association and her article from Piano Professional Magazine (Autumn 2017) is reproduced here with permission.

"Schimmel Dealers' Meeting 2017"   (6th April 2017).
Meeting by Schimmel Pianos attended by the Peregrine's Pianos team; introduction of new models and explanation of the new strategic alliance. Written by Dawn Elizabeth Howells

"Travel back in Time" (10th February 2017).
Pianist Magazine published this article. It explains that Piano making is rooted in the history of Saxony, and nowhere more so than the factory of August Förster, where they still do things the old-fashioned way.

"Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra - Welcome Back to Peregrine's Pianos!" (17th November 2016).
Dawn Elizabeth Howells visits Hong Kong and shares some observations on why the orchestra appreciated the facilities offered by Peregrine's Pianos in London.

"Personal Impressions" (14th November 2016).
On our recent visit to the August Förster factory, Sophie Kent, Administrator at Peregrine's Pianos, gathered the views of our guests.

"Love, Pride and Passion: A visit to the August Förster Factory" (4th November 2015).
Andrew Greenwood, Administrator at Peregrine's Pianos, outlines his experience in visiting the August Förster factory and reflects on the significance of this part of Germany on the development of the piano.

"Picking Keys" (2nd November 2015).
There are important financial considerations when choosing pianos for the school. This article, written by Rhian Morgan, draws extensively on an interview with Dawn Elizabeth Howells of Peregrine's Pianos. It is reproduced here as published in Music Teacher Magazine.

"Sounding Board" (26th October 2015).
Dawn Elizabeth Howells of Peregrine's Pianos considers the question "Can a digital keyboard ever hope to match the glories of the acoustic piano?" This article was published in International Piano Magazine.

"Piano Round-up" (15th August 2015).
Gez Kahan 'cherry-picks' some of the noteworthy happenings from the London Piano Scene in his Piano round-up in Pianist Magazine. This includes Annekatrin Förster as guest at Peregrine's Pianos.

"All in the Detail"  (7th January 2015).
Newark College is the only place in the UK that offers college-based training in piano tuning and restoration. Dawn Elizabeth Howells writes about her visit for International Piano Magazine.

"How The Piano Got Its Shape"  (28th October 2014).
Pianist Teresa-Joy Manese, administrator at Peregrine's Pianos, summarises her visit to the Schimmel Factory.

"Behind the Soundboard; August Förster"  (20th June 2014).
From International Piano Magazine; Dawn Elizabeth Howells talks with the people making the instruments.

"Noises Off"  (22nd January 2014).
Inge Kjemtrup from The Pianist Magazine came to Peregrine's Pianos for sound engineering and insulation advice.

"Notes from a Small Town (in Germany)"  (19th October 2013).
Sylvia Schmidt, administrator at Peregrine's Pianos, describes Löbau and the August Förster Piano factory there.

"Made in Germany"   (9th August 2013).
Fiona Lau writing for Music Teacher Magazine gives a teacher's view on looking "behind the scenes" with Peregrine's Pianos. 

"The Pursuit of Quality"   (15th June 2013).
Louise Greener of International Piano Magazine came to the Schimmel factory with us and wrote this article about the new pianos.

"Shimmering Schimmel"   (30th May 2013).
An article from The Pianist Magazine by writer Gez Kahan who joined our visit to the factory. 

"Schimmel Dealers' Meeting 2013"   (19th April 2013).
A diary of how Schimmel Pianos introduced their new product range to the dealership, written by Lucy Cronin.