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Our Story

Peregrine's Pianos has been trading since September 2010 and our first nine years has seen a steady increase in all aspects of our work. Our Facebook profile carries frequent news items but here in our News stream we feature the headlines: here one can see how the building looked at the start, the international artists who have performed on our pianos and the visits that we have arranged for customers to piano factories. Pictured below is the highly successful Elena Cobb Teacher Training event 2019 featuring teachers from the UK, Russia, Israel and USA.

Elena Cobb Teacher Training Day 2019 

Many music journals have written about our business activities, and these, together with informative articles written by us, appear in the Articles/Information section; we see this as our reference library.

Of course, we do have large amounts of detailed information on the videos in our YouTube Channel. If you would like to know more about any aspect simply write to us at; [email protected] or open our Email Contact Form.