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Piano Tuning and Servicing

Whether you have a small cottage piano or a mighty concert grand it will need maintaining: this should not, however, cause any undue concerns because we can look after all this for you. We have a fully qualified, professional team of tuners, technicians and casework specialists engaged in maintaining our hire instruments and giving the full after sales support to instruments bought from us. We offer a comprehensive service for any make of acoustic piano.

Peregrine's Pianos: Piano Technician      Peregrine's Pianos: Piano Tuner

Our piano tuners can visit you regularly to go through all the tuning of the strings; this normally takes an hour or so and should be done once a year at the very least. Naturally if your piano is played a lot the tuner must come back more often! Tuning is charged at £80.

The technicians are responsible for servicing your piano. They need to regulate the action, check on the condition of all the moving parts (there are quite a few in every piano), and maintain the hammer heads in good shape. This is skilled and often time consuming work, and we recommend treating your piano to a service every few years. Our prices for service depend on the amount of time involved: we can always provide a specific quotation when required.

Traditional piano finishes can fade or get damaged, and even modern robust polyester finishes can suffer knocks. This needn't be the end of your piano; our casework specialists can often carry out the repairs without even moving the instrument out of your home.

Ambassador's Residence, Italian Embassy London


We fitted new castors with PUR wheels to the grand piano in the Ambassador's Reidence at the Italian Embassy in London, pictured here. This saved the beautiful floor from damage when the piano is moved. 


Piano removals is another area of our expertise; we can move your piano across London or we can ship it to the otherside of the world. We can go upstairs and downstairs; and when the stairs don't allow we can send a crane. Ask us for a quotation on your move.

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