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Silent Pianos

Modern technology can bring a new dimension to the acoustic piano. Sometimes in a domestic environment there are advantages in having a silent system.  

The new Schimmel pianos can be supplied with the TwinTone sound muting feature, which is installed at manufacture. Optical key and pedal sensors send signals to a control box: this makes the acoustic instrument completely silent at the touch of a lever, without compromising the key or pedal functions. For all other instruments we can install the latest system from PianoDisc.    

We fitted the Magic Star system to our customer's new Steinway V upright pictured below - and she is exploring all the new opportunities it has presented to her! The Professional QuietTime Magic Star version Six (introduced January 2017)  provides full Multitrack recording and playback functions (for 2 tracks with 40.000+MIDI-Events), an audio-in and out socket (stereo headphones included), metronome, MIDI-IN, MIDI-OUT and MIDI-THRU and sampled tones out. The super unobstrusive control box, which  features a touch screen graphics display, is mounted under the keybed to the right hand side. This system, unlike previous versions, uses optical sensors under the keys for noiseless operation. There is even a USB MIDI port for easy connection to your PC or iDevice.

Steinway and Sons Silent Piano

A note of caution. Any silent system in an acoustic piano means that the action has to be compromised; the technician will always need to change the "set-off" in order to accomodate the system. This has the effect of reducing the pianist's control especially on quiet playing.

To install the system we would arrange expert collection of your piano and the return of it within seven days. Installation is by our own PianoDisc approved technician and is fully guaranteed for 12 months; PianoDisc system and parts are guaranteed for 5-years. We can quote for fitting over the telephone, and  generally the total will be between £1,900 and £2,600. Full instructions on the use of the system are included.

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