Pianos for Schools

We present the new Schimmel ‘Academy Equipped’ upright, the piano adapted for school use. We at Peregrine’s Pianos know of no other upright piano so perfectly suited for educational use. We exhibited at the Music Education Expo for three years running. Schimmel is Germany’s largest volume piano manufacturer, with a long tradition in producing high-calibre acoustic pianos for schools, colleges and conservatoires. The company understand the unique requirements of a robust instrument with a fine tonal quality, which can be moved around safely and protected when not in use. 

School piano

The ‘Academy Equipped’ pianos are Classic Series upright instruments fitted with the following optional extras: large stable cradle castors (making the instrument easily manoeuvrable), locks to the top panel and the fall (to ensure optimum security), and unique rubberised handles at each end (which also serve as bumpers to protect the instrument). These options are separately available and each charged at about £520.

There are three different sized pianos available: C116T at 116cm high, C120T at 120cm high, and C126T at 126cm high. All are finished in black polyester, and fitted with the fine Renner action and practice pedal. The ‘Academy Equipped’ pianos are all assembled in the Schimmel factory and made to order: they will be generally supplied within two months. 

Academy Equipped Piano

The Schimmel Konzert Series grand pianos are professional instruments that would grace any school hall. There are six sizes, 175cm, 195cm and 219cm (smaller instruments), and 230cm, 256cm and 280cm (larger instruments). The Classic series grands at 169cm, 189cm and 213cm are of a similar design (i.e. they use the same technology) but are a little less expensive. Wilhelm Schimmel and Fridolin Schimmel upright pianos are perfect for practice rooms. 


Our prices include a quality adjustable concert stool, delivery (in the London area) and installation in your school. Peregrine’s Pianos provide a full aftercare service with a skilled team of tuners, technicians and casework specialists. We can also supply a full range of protective purpose-made piano covers and additional standard, concert and duet stools.

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