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We have Schimmel Konzert and Classic range grand pianos in stock; sizes ranging up to the K230 (7' 7") model. We normally have at least one of the smaller August Förster grand pianos and at present also a few less expensive Asian pianos. Our stock of preowned pianos changes regularly.

The prices, which generally range from about £30,000 to £60,000 (sometimes preowned, less expensive instruments), include delivery to a ground floor address within the London area: delivery up or down stairs or to addresses outside London will incur an extra charge.

Peregrine's Pianos showroom

This is the complete list of instruments, and they are shown by default in ascending price order. We can of course, supply any piano from the Schimmel and August Förster range - and it is always worth asking us if you are looking for any specific preowned piano.

Instruments available today - 10th Aug 2020

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Schimmel K230T

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Konzert Series piano in black polyester with Schimmel branded stool. The K230, with unique design properties, was introduced in 2007. To quote the French "Pianiste" magazine - "This new grand piano model has been a great success and the musical possibilities of this instrument make an immediate impression." Ex display piano - current new price £67,000. Our notes on Schimmel pianos.

Purchase: £53,000

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