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Whether you have a small cottage piano or a mighty concert grand it will need maintaining: this should not, however, cause any undue concerns because we can look after all this for you. We have a fully qualified, professional team of tuners, technicians and casework specialists engaged in maintaining our hire instruments and giving the full after-sales support to instruments bought from us. We offer a comprehensive service for any make of acoustic piano.

It is important to remember that the piano is a purely mechanical device. It has evolved through its three-hundred year history and is the product of great minds working to provide the ultimate means for the pianist to express him or herself. Expert craftpeople have perfected their skills in the making of fine pianos. But at the end of the day moving parts will need regular attention and a pianist cannot afford to ignore this.  

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Of course, the piano strings will stretch, which means the tuner should be on hand; normally at the start of a concert the tuner is there to check the full intonation of the instrument. Our own music room pianos are tuned many times every year and a domestic piano would normally need a tuner two, three or four times a year depending on use. See our page on piano tuning for details.

One must not forget the work of the technician. This is the highly skilled and experienced man or woman who needs to do the time consuming work of maintaining the hammers, keys, pedals and action, and a service is required on any piano every few years. We also have casework specialists available for repair work. See technical work for further information.

There are also details about piano removals - and storage - that we can undertake if required at piano removals

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