Piano Tuning

Unless you have been short changed by your piano dealer, or paid a large premium for extra notes, your piano will have 88 keys. The tenor and treble notes will have three strings each, the bass section will have two strings each and the lowest bass notes will each have a single string. This means that something like 230 strings have to be individually tuned by the piano tuner: it is a highly skilled profession and takes years to perfect. Our tuners would expect to tune a domestic piano in about an hour. 

Piano tuner

We can arrange for any one of our piano tuners to tune your piano, and the piano does not need to have been supplied by us. Please do be kind to our team and don't expect them to tune your piano if there is a lot of background noise!

Domestic tuning is charged at £90 but concert tuning, and tuning outside London, is a little more expensive. If there are notes not working or technical issues to address please talk this through carefully with us as it might mean that we should be sending a technician and not a tuner to you.

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