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Our music rooms have been described as “amongst the quietest, best-equipped and most comfortable in London.” The three sound-insulated rooms are carpeted and furnished with practical seating, tables and music stands. They feature modern European pianos which are regularly tuned and maintained. 

Room 3

We provide super-fast WiFi for those wishing to download content or live stream performances, and customers are welcome to bring in their own video or recording equipment. Below are detailed descriptions of the rooms and see here for prices and policies

Room 1 - 13' x 8' (10sq m). Schimmel Konzert K132 upright piano. Lower ground floor, natural light. Ideal for individual rehearsal, teaching, warm-up facilities (up to 3 musicians) and meetings (up to 5 people).

Room 2 - 21' x 17' (33sq m). Schimmel Konzert K189 grand piano. Lower ground floor, natural light. Ideal for chamber music (up to 10 musicians), examinations, photography, warm-up facilities and meetings (up to 20 people).

Room 3 - 22' x 21' (42sq m). August Förster 215 grand piano. First floor, large windows. Ideal for rehearsals (up to 20 musicians), seminars (up to 50 people), auditions, television filming, examinations, masterclasses, workshops, promotional events, meetings, teaching, audio recordings, private recitals and operatic rehearsal.

Goble Harpsichord

Room 3 also contains a Goble concert harpsichord (pictured left): this instrument is available at either 440Hz or 415Hz, and features 2 x 8' stops, 1 x 4' stop and a lute stop.

Free-standing panel screens are available at a nominal additional cost for "screened" auditions.

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