Music Teaching Rooms

Peregrine's Pianos is a professional working environment. Our small room (Room 1, pictured) is ideally suited to individual tuition; it is soundproofed, has a modern Schimmel Konzert upright piano, mirror, seating and music stand. Pupils can wait in the waiting room as required. Room 2 - with a Schimmel Konzert grand piano - is often used as an examination room but is also well suited to group tuition. 

Room 1

Room 3 (pictured, below) is used for various larger educational purposes:

Orchestral training days. Outreach projects need preparation and here players can make themselves at home. Often these training days make use of the other rooms (break-out rooms) during the course of the day.

Masterclasses. Many organisations come to present music masterclasses: the August Förster grand piano, comfortable seating, soundproofed and air-controlled environment allows work to be conducive and enjoyable.

Professional seminars. With seating in a large circle or in theatre-style rows numerous companies use the room for seminars/workshops.

Pupils' concerts. We are the ideal location for teachers to give their pupils a great concert opportunity. The maximum number of people we can accommodate is 50 and the minimum booking period is two hours.

Pupil Concert

Please note, however, that because of the nature of the business it is not always possible to commit specific teaching hours each week. Unfortunately, we cannot allow food or drinks (other than water) into the music rooms; rewarding pupils with a musical trinket is a better scenario than with cakes or biscuits! If you have plans for any type of educational event contact us to discuss your project: we are always pleased to help. Pricing details can be found on the prices and policies page. 

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