Music Rehearsal Rooms

Peregrine's Pianos offers music rehearsal rooms that are run by practising musicians who understand the requirements. We have three rooms - soundproofed and air-controlled for optimum comfort - which can accommodate individual rehearsal (Room 1) up to a twenty piece ensemble (Room 3). Room 2, for chamber groups, is pictured below.

Room 2

Naturally, our music rehearsal rooms include comfortable cushioned seating, sturdy music stands, mirrors and of course our modern high calibre pianos are kept regulated and in tune. We also think that it is important to point out that all of our music rooms benefit from natural light. Our user-friendly booking system allows customers to book the hours just as required.

Masterclass at Peregrine's Pianos

Pictured here is Room 3 as used by Neil Ferris for his conducting workshop. We have a special hire rate for individual musicians wanting to rehearse in Room 1 or in Room 2 which we call our 'Budget rehearsal package'; there are certain conditions attached and these are shown at the prices and policies page.

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