Music Audition Rooms

Auditions can be conducted at Peregrine's Pianos both effectively and professionally. We have a large, comfortable, soundproofed audition room with high-calibre concert piano, sturdy seating and table for the audition panel (Room 3).

Audition room

Either or both of Rooms 1 and 2 can be used as warm-up rooms; they are close to the audition room, have music stands and mirrors, and the pianos in all rooms are tuned regularly and kept at the same pitch.  

Waiting room

Our receptionist can assist with stewarding (we would make a nominal charge for this), answer any queries and direct candidates to the waiting room. We are close to public transport and just a few minutes from central London; our room rates are competitive and are charged only for the booking hours. 

Our facilities are ideal for examinations too, and are in regular demand by various examining bodies. Casting, for theatre companies and TV production companies, and individual interviews can also be conducted in any room.

The article about the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in our documents section might be of interest. Details of the Rooms, how to book, and our terms and conditions are shown on the prices and policies page. 

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