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We always have in stock Schimmel Konzert, Classic, and Wilhelm Schimmel range upright pianos, normally also one of the new Schimmel Fridolin instruments. August Förster upright pianos are made in two sizes with a variety of casework finishes; there is always a good selection in stock. Our stock of preowned pianos changes regularly.

The prices, which normally range from about £2,000 to £21,000, include VAT at the standard rate and delivery to a ground floor address within the London area: delivery up or down stairs or to addresses outside London will incur an extra charge.

Schimmel piano display

This is the complete list of instruments, and they are shown by default in ascending price order. We can of course, supply any piano from the Schimmel and August Förster range - and it is always worth asking us if you are looking for any specific preowned piano.

Instruments available today - 11th Apr 2021

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Offenbach (preowned)

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The perfect compact upright piano! This instrument (about twenty years old) is just 145cm wide, 54cm deep and 106cm high, it has immaculate black polyester casework, has been tuned and serviced by us and is sold complete with an adjustable box stool.

Purchase: £1,750
or hire at: £60pcm

Gors & Kallmann (preowned)

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Nice modern preowned piano in Rosewood polyester with elegant matching stool (not the one pictured). This instrument has been tuned and serviced, and represents great value for money. 

Purchase: £1,950
or hire at: £60pcm

Broadwood Regency (preowned)

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Immaculate instrument dating from 2001 and made in England. This wonderful piano in polyester high-grained walnut has Regency style legs, a characteristic elongated music desk and elegant featured top panel: it would grace any home. Sold with matching adjustable Regency style stool with black leather top.

Purchase: £6,900
or hire at: £200pcm

Wilhelm Schimmel W114T

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Wilhelm Schimmel Series piano - made in Schimmel’s Polish factory - in black polyester. Complete with matching adjustable stool.(available to order only) Our notes on Schimmel pianos.

Purchase: £7,695

Steinway Z (preowned)

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Fine preowned model Z - “the most compact hand-crafted Steinway ever produced” in satin teak and identical to the famous instrument owned by John Lennon (and on which he composed “Imagine”). Dating from 1960; in superb condition, serviced and tuned by us. Sold with a matching adjustable stool. 

Purchase: £8,900
or hire at: £200pcm

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